RXO international freight forwarding services

Discover how a strong local presence across the globe enables RXO to provide trusted international freight forwarding solutions.

Why partner with an international forwarder?


International freight forwarding isn’t simple, but it can be significantly streamlined with a vetted international forwarder. At RXO, our international freight forwarding services are executed by global experts who know the culture, speak the language and understand compliance regulations. We get things done thousands of miles from your desk, all while you handle business at home.

Unrivaled import/export capabilities.

All RXO forwarding services are integrated with our RXO Connect digital freight platform to provide best-in-class transportation management of order entry, execution and tracking on a worldwide scale. RXO delivers superior import-export visibility through a single portal, with unlimited access to order details, documentation and even automated customs filings with government agencies.


Dedicated customs compliance team.

Customs compliance for international freight forwarding has become increasingly complex. Shippers must adhere to dozens of regulations, remain up-to-date on compliance adjustments and prepare for potential delays if proper compliance is not met. RXO’s customs clearance compliance team simplifies the compliance process to ensure your imports and exports are delivered on time.

Integrated Mexico customs services.

The sheer volume of freight moving across the Mexican border demands an international forwarder with Mexico customs services. RXO’s Mexico customs solution allows shippers to move freight seamlessly across the border with full visibility and easy access to Mexican facilities – regardless of the modality.


Stationed cross-border specialists.

Intermodal shippers receive the benefits of RXO extensive rail relationships and container capacity. As a seasoned international freight forwarder, cross-border specialists are stationed at key ports and inland terminals, where dedicated drayage transport is available at either end of the rail service.


We accommodate time-critical shipments  via day and night road transport, dedicated aircraft directand next-available flight air-charter options. Non-urgent modes include brokered dry vans in the United States, Mexicoand Canada, along with consolidated air transport on weekly flights.

Vetted alternative PACT solutions.

The RXO Partnership Accounts Clearance Team (PACT) was designed specifically for international freight forwarders looking to complement their managed transportation — without the investment in customs clearance operations — through a partnership with RXO customs clearance solutions.


PACT operates outside of freight forwarding to ensure the confidentiality of your transportation. RXO is known for its large North American Network, but we have the spirit of a modern customs house broker with the tools necessary for today’s complex trade compliance environment.

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