RXO Freight Forwarding Services

RXO freight forwarding services enable goods to move across countries and continents, all while remaining fully compliant. This includes a full suite of ocean, air, and domestic forwarding solutions.

International scope, local expertise


Support your transportation strategy with global and domestic freight forwarding services that enable business without borders. RXO transportation solutions provide worldwide scope with neighborly knowledge.

Why Use RXO Freight Forwarding Services?

Forwarding Logistics

RXO ships goods anywhere in the world via multiple modes, guides freight across customs points and provides local oversight via an intercontinental network of dedicated offices.

Freight Tracking

Freight forwarding tracking is integrated with our RXO Connect™ digital freight platform, giving you best-in-class visibility and transportation management of order entry and execution.

Automated Filings

Streamline global shipping with superior access to order details and shipping documentation, as well as automated customs’ filings with government agencies.

International Freight Shipping

We have international experts in place who know the culture, speak the language and can get things done thousands of miles from your desk — all without you lifting a finger. From cross-border ground shipments, ocean and air carriers to drayage and transload solutions, we guarantee your freight will arrive safely (and timely) with RXO.


Domestic Freight Forwarding

Our freight forwarding services feature domestic market experts who cover hundreds of hubs across North America. RXO domestic freight forwarding provides immediate access to services based on your criteria for speed, economy and custom-tailored solutions.

Warehouse and Transload Services

RXO freight forwarding services includes access to millions of square feet in markets across North America. Specific warehouse locations can offer a range of features including, but not limited to, cross-docking, customs bonded, FDA-certified food storage, pick and packing and hazmat handling.


What’s Next for Freight Forwarding Services?

Customs Clearance Solutions

Let RXO simplify complicated compliance rules and help you avoid costly delays when moving freight across international borders. Our experts pay close attention to evolving regulations and will work directly with Customs officials on your behalf.

RXO Connect for Global Forwarding

As the global trade ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, gaps in the international supply chain become glaringly obvious to both shippers and customers. Learn to simplify supply chain management and safeguard profitability with RXO Connect for freight forwarding services.

Asset Recovery Logistics Service

When it’s time to remove and replace IT equipment or delicate machinery, the logistics can be complex. From ensuring safe delivery of delicate cargo to avoiding system downtime, getting the plan just right takes time and risk. RXO offers asset recovery services to make this process simple and easy.

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