Go the extra mile with RXO Extra

What is RXO Extra?

RXO goes the extra mile for our carriers with a loyalty program and marketplace. Gain money by booking loads and save through the RXO Extra industry partnerships. The more you haul, the more you save and earn.


Haul loads, get bonuses

The more RXO Connect and RXO Drive loads you move, the more money you save and more bonuses you earn.

Benefits of hauling with us

Get deals on fuel, factoring, retail and more with the RXO Extra Marketplace.

Save the most with the RXO Fuel Card

The RXO Fuel Card saves drivers an average of 40¢ per gallon at 14 major truck stop brands nationwide. With no minimum gallon requirement and a dedicated representative, carriers have the ability to save over $1000 per month, per card.


Why drive with RXO? Hear from our most trusted carriers on the road about how RXO Extra helps them go the extra mile.

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