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What is RXO Flex Fleet, and how does it work?


Flex Fleet is a drop-trailer service solution to enable flexible fleet management nationwide. RXO operates a network of trailers that can be left in shipper possession for an extended period of time to allow fulfillment and shipment when you want — and where you want — across the U.S.

Flex Fleet was designed with RXO’s commitment to innovation in mind. Rather than accommodate traditional truckload needs, Flex Fleet empowers shippers to plan for trailer volume capacity. Once a trailer is ready to ship, our procurement team assigns freight to our robust network of vetted carriers.

Flex capacity means there’s never any limitation to where, or when, you ship your freight. RXO handles all the logistics, from trailer maintenance to fleet management, while you handle business.

Benefits of participating in Flex Fleet management.

Flexible drop trailers for freight shipping unlock limitless advantages for capacity management.

Unrivaled Network

Leverage over one-million trucks accessed through more than 100,000 independent carriers in the RXO network. 

Flexible Solutions

Flex capacity enables shippers to decide when, and where, to deliver freight to account for seasonal fluctuations.

Increased Efficiency

Flex Fleet reduces live load time with drop-trailers that can be loaded and unloaded off schedule, increasing turn time, flexibility and efficiency. 

Read a Flex Fleet case study.

A large, multinational retail company required support during peak season and demanded fast access to additional capacity. They were in need of a flexible fleet to quickly send trailers to various markets based on fast-turn peak data. Speed was of the utmost importance.

With Flex Fleet, the RXO team developed a 24/7 drop yard within 25 miles of the company’s distribution center, with 50 spots reserved for empty and full trailers. The extra capacity allowed access to trailers earlier, to load at will and fulfill the transportation through RXO.

Access to Flex Fleet powered by RXO enabled the company to remain nimble throughout seasonal fluctuations. The company can now react to peak data output more swiftly and move inventory to markets more accurately by getting trailers loaded when they are needed and onto the road faster.

Proven Flex Fleet results.

24/7 access

to a Flex Fleet drop yard

25 miles

within distribution center

50 spots

reserved for flex trailers

Flex Fleet FAQs

We can provide dry vans, refrigerated, or flat-bed equipment, along with advanced  logistics for all your shipping solutions in the Flex Fleet program.

RXO can provide flex trailers anywhere in North America through our extensive network of trusted carriers.

Maintenance on Flex Fleet trailers are maintained by RXO’s Dedicated Transportation team

RXO can brand flex trailers to ensure it’s easy for your team to know which to load on site.

RXO can access a wide-range of drop trailers capacity across the country for use on your site.

Want to learn more about Flex Fleet? Talk to one of our solution specialists today.

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