Tailored warehouse logistics and management.

RXO is a proud provider of warehouse logistics and warehouse management solutions that minimize cost and maximize service.

Why choose RXO for warehouse management?


RXO is the clear choice for warehouse management. With a trusted network of company-operated and third-party partners, RXO has an unrivaled footprint of North American facility options, from warehouses and fulfillment centers to transload facilities and cross-docks.

Our warehouse management services begin with a thorough analysis of your freight needs, not a sales pitch to earn your business in our owned facilities. Instead, we consider a wide variety of factors to identify the locations that are best suited for your efficiency and cost goals.


What storage capabilities and classifications are available?

Product should never be constrained by a freight forwarder’s warehouse — or a lack of one, that is. RXO provides expansive warehousing options, along with warehouse management services, that enable international goods and raw materials to move freely through the supply chain.

RXO storage options encompass a wide range of customized solutions to meet shippers’ every need. Our flexible facility network provides an extensive variety of capabilities, including:

  • Overflow Storage and Container Transloading
  • Forward Stocking
  • Pool Point Distribution
  • Cross-Docking
  • Customs Bonded
  • Food-Grade Storage
  • Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ)
  • Hazardous Materials (HazMat)
  • Long-Term Bulk & Racked Storage
  • Pick-n-Packing
  • Temperature Controlled
  • More on Request

How are RXO warehouse locations selected?

RXO’s engineering specialists meet with each customer to outline present warehousing and logistics requirements. We then leverage robust warehousing logistics software to analyze your data, before we even consider warehouse locations. Our teams begin with the desired outcome and work upstream to develop the ideal warehousing solution for your particular organization. 

Through this comprehensive approach, RXO can identify the right company warehouse or facility to not only minimize cost but also maximize service. This level of expertise and focus, combined with the power of RXO’s global transportation grid, allows us to create cost-effective, time-sensitive and increasingly dependable solutions for global organizations.


How does RXO oversee logistics and warehouse management?

Regardless of which facilities are chosen to provide your direct service, RXO will manage the entire program through a centralized control tower. This means that shippers will work with a single point of contact, and all transactional data will be centralized through a variety of technology interfaces to provide one point of visibility in RXO Connect. 

Put simply, RXO streamlines logistics and warehouse management, regardless of whether your goods are stored within our owned facilities or in warehouses across our expansive North American network. We are constantly in pursuit of solutions that can enhance our customers’ operations.

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