Streamlined Pool Point Services

Discover RXO’s efficient supply pooling services to fully optimize your shipments, saving you time and money.

Discover the RXO Pool Distribution Process


At RXO, our team uses up-to-date market data to optimize your shipments. Rely on us to effectively consolidate your shipments and select the best network points for easy and cost-effective distribution. We’ll take care of all the necessary organization and scanning before your items are loaded onto trucks for final delivery. From there, our reliable carriers will safely and quickly deliver your shipments to their end destinations. RXO is equipped to handle specialized goods and unique shipping methods.

Why RXO Is a Preferred Option for Pool Distribution

You can rest assured that your shipments will stay on schedule when you partner with RXO. Our dedicated team ensures that your products consistently reach their destinations on time and free of damage. We offer a wide range of warehousing and shipping solutions such as:

Time-sensitive priority services:

When you have a shipment that needs to reach a location quickly, turn to RXO. We prioritize time-sensitive shipments and find the fastest possible route to item’s destination.

Data-Driven Routing:

We’ll consider factors like the traffic patterns, weather and previous data to find the best routes for shipments. Your goods will be taken to a routed through a regional terminal that saves you the most time and money.

High-Touch Solutions:

Choose our specialized services for full visibility through RXO Connect, offering you valuable analytics and insights for making data-driven decisions.

Strategic Warehousing:

RXO’s warehouses are strategically located in shipping hotspots. All locations are set up for efficient package sorting and segmenting allowing items to be shipped quickly.

Dedicated Fleet:

Our dedicated fleet expertly handles inbound linehaul and multi-stop segments, reducing the need for large backroom product storage.

Local Distribution Centers:

RXO maintains local facilities to receive products, which significantly speeds up the delivery process.


Supply chain optimization

Our logistics experts leverage your shipping data to find new opportunities for supply chain optimization. We always select the best pool points to maximize cost savings while keeping shipments on track. Our team keeps a close eye on market trends, traffic patterns and other factors to make informed routing and capacity decisions. From B2B deliveries to retail shipments, you can trust us for comprehensive support for all your delivery needs.

Industry-leading visibility and technology

RXO’s cutting-edge technology solutions give you constant access to your shipping data. Experience 100 percent transparency with real-time tracking through RXO Connect. You’ll know where your shipments are at all times. With a single login, you’ll see information about all your shipments across all services.


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