A hands-off approach to customs clearance.

Allow RXO customs clearance services to manage all aspects of global freight forwarding for optimal import clearance success.

Why choose RXO Customs Clearance Solutions?


There’s nothing simple about global freight management. Shippers are constantly inundated with new customs regulations. How can you ensure that your imports and exports aren’t delayed by compliance issues? When you work with RXO, we stay up-to-date with customs clearance processes, so you don’t have to.

How does RXO Customs Logistics work?

Simplify moving freight across international borders with RXO’s customs clearance solutions. To get started, RXO will assign a centralized team to your account to perform all customs clearances. One team member will act as your single point of contact to streamline all communication. We complete everything from set-up to digital billing and remain available 24/7, so your shipments are never stuck at the border, even after hours.


What does RXO’s Customs Clearance Team manage?

RXO’s Customs Clearance Solutions team ensures that rules and regulations are followed at every border crossing. We maintain operating permits at every U.S. port, and deal directly with Customs officials on your behalf. We keep a close eye on newly-issued regulations so that you can focus on what matters most — your core business.

What are the benefits of having an international customs clearance partner?

When you have a knowledgeable customs partner, you don’t have to commit your personnel’s time and focus to learning new regulations or working through issues with customs agents. Instead, your people focus on your business, while your partner ensures that your goods are released from U.S. Customs in a timely manner. Plus, you never pay more in duties and taxes than necessary. Through our Duty Recovery Program for overpayment, we have saved customers over $2.5 million.


Unique capabilities of RXO customs clearance logistics.

Whether you are shipping cargo northbound or southbound, we make the customs clearance process easy for you. Discover how RXO streamlines global customs shipping.


RXO customs clearance logistics can establish U.S.-based companies with no presence in Canada as Non-Resident Importers.


Our teams can uncomplicate the global billing process, so that our customers receive just one invoice from RXO, if desired.


RXO combines customs clearance with managed transportation to drastically reduce delays and errors in international shipping.


Our Customs Clearance Solutions team eliminates kinks in the customers’ supply chain by serving as the sole point of contact.

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