NVOCC Ocean Forwarding Solutions

Explore RXO’s NVOCC ocean forwarding services, including international import and export brokerage, customs brokerage, and more.

RXO is Your Trusted Partner for Ocean Freight Shipping

When it comes to international importing and exporting, it’s vital that your shipments are in reliable hands every step of the way. RXO, a certified NVOCC (Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier) offers a comprehensive solution for ocean cargo shipping. Our team is committed to compliance, ensuring that your shipments arrive safely and on time. With a global presence in China, Hong Kong, and Mexico, we’ll leverage our partnerships and contracts with agents and carriers to keep your supply chain running smoothly.

Explore Our Suite of Ocean Freight Forwarding Services

International Import and Export Brokerage:

RXO offers expert brokerage and consulting services for ocean shipments. We work with all container sizes, including full container loads (FCL) and Less-than-container loads (LCL). Enjoy the convenience of a single team that handles your shipments from start to finish, offering door-to-door services, including customs clearance. We follow all government requirements closely, resulting in seamless international trade. Our ocean forwarding solutions are fully customized to meet your organizations specific needs.

Customs Brokerage Management:

Handling the customs process properly is one of the most important steps for keeping your shipments on schedule. We simplify this process by digitally keeping track of all paperwork, overcoming language barriers and working withing customs office hours. This saves you time and resources, while avoiding any potential slowdowns when shipping across borders. We also work with CTPAT-certified (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) whenever possible. This certification shows a carrier’s cooperation with the cargo security standards of the United States government, which can help expedite the customs process.

Detailed Visibility, Reporting and Auditing:

When you work with RXO, you’ll have in-depth visibility into all your shipping activity. Our advanced systems, including RXO Connect, keep you informed and in control. You’ll always know the status of your ocean shipments, and you can rest assured that they will be handled with the highest level of compliance. RXO also gives you access to detailed reporting and auditing services. This allows us to help you find new opportunities for improving efficiency and cost savings.

What Sets RXO Apart in the World of NVOCC Ocean Forwarding?

RXO is partnered with a wide range of major ocean carriers and agents, efficiently handling international shipments and giving you fast access to capacity on freight ships. Your shipments will be closely monitored at all times by teams in our offices around the globe.

Contracts with all major ocean carriers

RXO maintains contracts with all major ocean carriers giving you access to a wide range of ocean forwarding options. As your logistics solutions provider, we’ll help you decide which options are the most effective for your supply chain needs.

Long-term agent partnerships

We have established long-term agent partnerships globally, enhancing our ability to provide customized resources and solutions.

Supply chain simplifications

RXO simplifies your supply chain, offering tailor made logistics solutions that fit your business needs. Our projects are centered around continuous improvement, meaning RXO will always be looking for ways to save you time and money.

Real-time tracking

Experience 100% transparency with real-time tracking through RXO connect. You’ll know where your shipments are at all times with our up-to-date data.

Global presence

With offices across North America and Asia, RXO offers international reach and local expertise. Our teams are experts in the shipping trends and requirements of their local areas.


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