Industry-leading asset recovery services

RXO consolidates asset recovery services under one expansive transportation network for advanced freight recovery and removal.

What asset recovery solutions does RXO offer?


Asset recovery services, sometimes referred to as reverse logistics, are essential to maintaining competitiveness across industry sectors. RXO offers an array of asset recovery solutions to simplify the process, including IT asset recovery and delicate freight recovery.

What does the RXO asset recovery process look like?

Streamline Asset Logistics

When the time comes to remove and replace outdated IT equipment or delicate machinery, the transportation logistics can become quite complex. Between ensuring the safe delivery of fragile freight and avoiding system downtime, mastering a plan for asset recovery services can take a lot of time and involve a lot of risk. This is where RXO global asset recovery comes in.

RXO understands that asset recovery is not only high-value but also increasingly time-critical. Organizations deserve an asset recovery services provider with capabilities beyond typical business hours, at night and over weekends, to maintain peak efficiency. At RXO, we coordinate with your schedule — and upcoming freight delivery schedule — for optimal service.


Secure Removal & Delivery

RXO offers expansive asset recovery services with the ability to scan and verify serial numbers to maintain accurate software tracking. We provide the utmost security for equipment recovery and can provide photographs of packed freight upon request. Our specialized personnel have been trained to uncrate and unpack IT equipment or machinery safely and minimize the burden on installers.

RXO can coordinate the removal of old equipment with the delivery of new equipment, no matter the timing constraints. We even provide secure storage within one of our owned or partner-operated warehouse facilities if there is lag time between the new product’s arrival and the scheduled time to remove the outdated product. No service is as secure as RXO.

Why choose RXO global asset recovery services?

RXO is a leader in time-critical transport and delicate freight recovery. We maintain low damage claims and maximize the remarketing value of IT equipment for all our clients. Allow us to customize your asset recovery services to:

  • Implement complete or targeted retrieval
  • Deliver product from multiple sites to a single destination
  • Deliver product from one site to multiple destinations to maximize reuse value
  • Execute difficult freight recovery deliveries, such as moving delicate equipment up stairs
  • Perform complete data center moves that adhere to strict deadlines in order to “stay live” and avoid disruption to your business

Ready to get started?

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