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The expansive RXO multimodal transportation network delivers time-critical logistics, even under stringent conditions.

What are time-critical logistics?

Time-critical logistics are designed to accommodate loads that must be guaranteed to arrive on a specific day, at a specific time, as well as freight that must be transported to its final destination as quickly as possible. RXO provides some of the industry’s best time-critical services, with a wide array of cost-sensitive options that range from pre-scheduled loads to next-day flight out.

How does RXO manage time-critical freight?

Few global freight forwarders have access to time-critical logistics like RXO. With an expansive, multimodal delivery network and advanced digital transportation management system, time-critical cargo can be managed from a single database. We harness around-the-clock support to deliver proactive, time-sensitive notifications, from real-time location to temperature monitoring. 

RXO provides actionable insights at each major touchpoint in the transportation journey, beginning the moment time-critical freight is loaded and ending only once it’s reached its desired destination. We provide peace of

mind that time-sensitive cargo will arrive on time, with the flexibility to access numerous cost-sensitive solutions that accommodate express logistics for every customer.

Time-critical logistics for freight transported via air serv

Discover RXO time-critical solutions.

RXO provides industry-leading time-critical logistics. If you need to move freight quickly, or
need the confidence that loads will arrive at a specific time, trust RXO time-critical capabilities.

Time-Sensitive Air Services

RXO offers an extensive range of time-sensitive air services for global freight forwarding, including dedicated aircraft, next-flight-out, ground expedite and even day-specific deliveries. Time-sensitive deliveries can arrive as fast as one-to-three days. RXO also gives our customers the option of morning or afternoon arrivals on all express shipping conducted via air services.

FTL & LTL Express Shipping

RXO powers time-critical logistics for loads of all sizes. We handle large weight or volume freight that occupies an entire trailer through our dedicated full-truckload capabilities. If you’re a time-sensitive company with a smaller volume of freight, RXO also works with a robust agent group and in-house less-than-truckload (LTL) division for freight that will not require a full trailer.

Time-Sensitive Supply Chain

RXO makes time-sensitive deliveries cost-friendly by ensuring all aspects of a solid supply chain are in place, especially for our customers forwarding global freight. We offer deferred transportation services that deliver within five business days to help cut costs. We also offer rail services for long-haul movements supported by extensive drayage capacity and express logistics.

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