Mexico Regional Transportation

Eliminate the complexity of cross-border logistics with a trusted freight forwarder that manages the customs clearance process from end-to-end

Cross Border and Intra-Mexico Operations


As one of the United States’ largest trading partners, more than 6.4 million trucks cross the Mexican border each year. With over $600B in miscellaneous goods and raw materials in transport annually, shippers require a reliable freight forwarder that provides visibility from point of origin to point of destination. RXO is a leading provider of many services supporting your freight needs in the region.


Laredo Cross-Border Facility

RXO’s state-of-the-art facility, located in a premium location, sits at the heart of the US-Mexico trade corridor in Laredo, TX- a half mile from the World Trade Crossing Bridge.


  • 127K sq. feet offering 43 dock doors and 162 yard spaces
  • CTPAT-certified facility with bilingual and experience staff in USMCA to support all modes
  • Licensed US Customs broker onsite with 24/7 support
  • Cross-docking and transloading
  • Coordination with customs brokers for timely crossings
  • Supports all transports solutions, including cross-border, Intra-Mexico, Regional and Local, and long haul transportation

Full Service Offering

RXO’s full solutions offering supporting cross-border and intra-Mexico operations ensure a customized, streamlined solution for all your transportation needs.


  1.  Full Truckload.  Freight can be consolidated for both cross-border and intra-Mexico needs for efficiency and savings.
  2. Less-than-truckload. LTL shipments can be shipped from anywhere in the US and Canada throughout Mexico with the needed operational support.
  3. WarehousingRXO offers multiple warehouse locations in-country to support intra-Mexico needs, with warehousing and transloading operations at the border.
  4. Customs Brokerage. Licensed and certified experts handle every aspect of your shipment from origin to destination at all border crossings between the US and Mexico.
  5. Drayage. Rail shipments from ocean and inland ports where needed to deliver any shipments cross-border.
  6. Managed Transportation. We offer fully outsourced programs to support any cross-border and intra-Mexico supply chain operations


Unparalleled Visibility into Freight Status

Shippers leverage the RXO network for an integrated, seamless experience shipping from Mexico to the U.S. — and vice versa — without sacrificing visibility into freight status. It doesn’t matter what transportation modality or offering a shipper is using, RXO never loses sight of where the freight is in the process. Additionally, RXO manages the cross-dock and customs clearance process on your behalf with the appropriate parties and all the paperwork.

Hassle-Free US-Mexico Customs Process

RXO’s Mexico freight forwarder solutions enable shippers to move freight across the border without hassle. Get into and out of your Mexican facilities easier than ever before with our robust network of carriers and team of knowledgeable customs brokers. From Bill of Lading (BOL) or ‘Carta Porte’ documentation to Standard Alpha Carrier Codes (SCAC) and Carrier’s Harmonized Alphanumeric Codes (CAAT), we handle all Mexico logistics.


Track Global Freight with RXO Connect

RXO Connect™ gives shippers real-time access and visibility from point of origin to the last mile. Below are just some of RXO Connect’s capabilities.

Real-Time Status

RXO Connect platform allows shippers to track shipment status and view up-to-date weather and traffic alerts for real-time retrieval of logistics in Mexico.

Unified Visibility

Shippers can easily view and manage multiple shipments from a single screen, with options to filter current freight in transportation by keyword, date and mode.

On-Demand Access

Drill into individual shipment details to view location and tracking status updates, events, milestones at Mexico customs, containers, goods and orders.

Faster Processes

RXO Connect offers unrivaled integrations with customer and carrier systems to streamline processing via immediate access to documents and invoices.

Mexico Regional Transportation Solutions