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The Benefits of Using Dedicated Lanes in Your Trucking Business

As a carrier, you understand the importance of finding consistent work and optimizing your fleet for maximum efficiency. One solution to these challenges is signing up for dedicated lanes. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of dedicated lanes in general and how RXO’s Dedicated Lanes program specifically can help you optimize your fleet and increase earnings.

What are Dedicated Lanes?

Definition of dedicated lanes: Dedicated lanes are exclusive routes that carriers run on a regular basis, typically between the same two locations. Carriers can select their frequency, volume, and duration of the contract. These routes are not available on the spot market.

How they differ from spot market loads: Compared to spot market loads, which are one-time shipments available for bid by any carrier, dedicated lanes offer more consistency and stability. With dedicated lanes, carriers have a regular workload and can plan their schedules and resources accordingly.

Who can sign up: Carriers and Owner operators can sign up for dedicated lanes, regardless of fleet size.

Why they are so beneficial for carriers:

  1. 01

    They provide a steady source of income and eliminate the uncertainty that comes with finding loads on the spot market.

  2. 02

    They help carriers optimize their fleets by reducing empty miles and increasing efficiency.

  3. 03

    They can lead to stronger relationships with shippers and receivers, as carriers become more familiar with their customers and their specific needs.

How RXO’s Dedicated Lanes Program Can Work for Your Fleet

Consistent Work and Earnings: With RXO’s Dedicated Lanes program, carriers can count on a consistent workload and stable income. This eliminates uncertainty and helps truckers and dispatchers plan ahead.

  • Increased Load Opportunities: RXO’s platform has a large inventory of dedicated lanes, which means carriers have more opportunities to find loads and reduce empty miles. This results in increased earnings and a more efficient fleet.
  • Flexibility: Dedicated lanes give carriers greater control over their schedules. This means they can choose when and where they want to work, which is especially important for those who need to balance work and personal life.
  • Smart Data Tools: RXO’s smart data tools and cutting-edge technology make it easy to search, bid, and book the lanes you prefer. This streamlines the process and helps carriers find the most profitable lanes.
  • RXO Extra: RXO’s carrier rewards program offers fuel discounts, savings on truck maintenance and tires, and bonuses on loads booked through the platform. The program brings you the best deals and discounts on fuel and other benefits carriers can access through the RXO Extra marketplace
  • Simplified Load Management: RXO’s Dedicated Lanes program allows dispatchers to easily manage loads and keep track of assignments. This improves efficiency and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Improved Efficiency: By streamlining load assignments and minimizing empty miles, RXO’s Dedicated Lanes program helps dispatchers optimize fleet efficiency. This reduces costs and increases profits.
  • Expert Support: RXO’s team of dedicated lanes specialists provides support and helps carriers overcome any challenges. This ensures that carriers always have the resources they need to succeed and secure lanes.

By using dedicated lanes in your trucking business, you can achieve consistent work and earnings, increased load opportunities, flexibility, improved efficiency, and more. With RXO’s Dedicated Lanes program, you can access all these benefits and receive expert support to help you succeed. Sign up for Connect and start searching and bidding on valuable lanes today.

Start booking dedicated lanes now

  • Log into RXO Connect and select the “Loads” tab.
  • Select “Dedicated Lanes” and enter your search criteria.
  • Place a bid by selecting a lane and entering your capacity and desired dates.
  • A dedicated lanes specialist will contact you to discuss the lane bid details, typically within 24 hours.
  • Once the lane is assigned, the loads will be assigned to you on priority as they become available
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