RXO Dedicated Lanes

More opportunities to find the lanes you want, when and where you want them.

Optimize your fleet and find consistent work and earnings with RXO’s Dedicated Lanes.

At RXO, our dedicated lanes program offers drivers and dispatchers priority assignments on preferred lanes, allowing for secure and easy planning of load schedules. With our large inventory of dedicated lanes and advanced technology, booking the desired lanes is made easy.

With a vast inventory of dedicated lanes on RXO Connect, you have the opportunity to find the lanes you want, when and where you want them!


RXO’s dedicated lanes offer a number of benefits for truck drivers and dispatchers

Increased load opportunities

With thousands of dedicated lanes available on the RXO platform, carriers can find more loads and reduce empty miles.

Consistent work and earnings

Dedicated lanes offer reliable, consistent work for carriers, helping to stabilize income and eliminate uncertainty.


Dedicated lanes allow carriers to choose when and where they want to work, providing greater control over their schedules

Smart data tools

RXO’s smart data tools and cutting-edge technology make it easy to search, bid, and book the lanes you prefer.

Rewards program

Get fuel discounts, savings on truck maintenance and tires, and earn bonuses on loads booked through our digital platform with RXO Extra

Expert support

A dedicated lanes specialist will typically contact you within 24 hours to talk through your lanes details. Our carrier reps are standing 24/7 by to assist with you any challenges once a load is booked.

Start booking dedicated lanes now

  • Log into RXO Connect and select the “Loads” tab.
  • Select “Dedicated Lanes” and enter your search criteria.
  • Place a bid by selecting a lane and entering your capacity and desired dates.
  • A dedicated lanes specialist will contact you to discuss the lane bid details, typically within 24 hours.
  • Once the lane is assigned, the loads will be assigned to you on priority as they become available.

Find exclusive opportunities and rewards on RXO’s Dedicated Lanes.

Our range of services – FTL, LTL, Expedite, Last Mile, and more – provide more opportunities, no matter your size or capacity.