Overcoming Challenges in LTL Freight Quoting

LTL freight shipping is a complex process that involves multiple factors, including accurate location data and accessorial fees. Shippers often face challenges in obtaining precise and reliable LTL freight quotes due to these complexities. However, the integration of Shiplify’s capabilities into RXO Connect addresses these challenges, ensuring a smooth freight shipping experience.

Unknown Accessorial Fees

One of the significant challenges in LTL freight quoting is dealing with unknown accessorial fees. These fees can include charges for limited access locations, residential deliveries, lift gates, and more. Inaccurate or outdated location data can lead to unexpected costs and budget overruns for shippers.

Location Data Inaccuracies

Another challenge is the inaccuracy of location data provided by traditional sources. This can result in misrouted shipments, delays, and additional costs. Precise location data is crucial for efficient route planning and avoiding unexpected challenges during delivery.

Limited Carrier Availability

Shippers may also face limited carrier availability, especially during peak shipping seasons or in remote areas. Securing reliable and cost-effective carriers is essential for timely and efficient freight shipping.

How the RXO + Shiplify Integration Helps

The integration of Shiplify’s advanced capabilities into RXO Connect helps overcome these challenges in several ways:

  • Accessorial Fee Identification: Shiplify’s algorithms identify accessorial fees associated with specific locations, enabling shippers to anticipate and include these costs in their quotes. This eliminates unexpected expenses and improves budget management.
  • Precise Location Data: Shiplify’s AI-driven technology processes over 500 million shipments, providing highly accurate location attributes. This allows shippers to identify limited access locations, residential areas, and other critical factors, ensuring accurate quoting and efficient route planning
  • Expanded Carrier Network: RXO Connect’s extensive network of over 100,000 carriers offers a wide range of options for shippers. This diversity ensures that shippers can find reliable and cost-effective carriers for their LTL freight shipments.

By leveraging Shiplify’s capabilities, RXO Connect empowers shippers to overcome the challenges in LTL freight quoting and experience a seamless, cost-effective, and efficient freight shipping process. Learn more

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