RXO Connect™ + Shiplify: Unlocking the Power of AI-driven Location Data

Unlock a new era of precise and cost-effective freight shipping with the groundbreaking integration of RXO Connect and Shiplify.

RXO + Shiplify

Catch potential unknown accessorials aligned to your shipping or receiving address.

Leverage our cutting-edge AI algorithms, honed by processing millions of shipments, to obtain location attributes with remarkable precision.

Gain unparalleled confidence in your shipment requirements and location data, ensuring accurate planning and execution for new and unknown locations.

Precise Location Data for Informed Decision-Making

Equipped with Shiplify’s advanced capabilities, our integrated platform provides precise location attributes for various scenarios.

  • Limited access locations: Know exactly where your shipments are headed, avoiding unexpected challenges and associated fees.
  • Residential locations: Ensure seamless deliveries to residential areas with accurate address recognition and route planning.
  • Dock access identification: Optimize your shipping processes by identifying locations with dock access, streamlining deliveries and reducing handling time.
  • Forklift availability: Enhance efficiency by determining if a location has forklift accessibility, ensuring smooth unloading and efficient operations.
  • Multi-tenant locations: Navigate complex delivery scenarios by identifying multi-tenant locations, ensuring proper coordination with multiple occupants.

Experience Frictionless Freight Shipping with RXO Connect

Beyond the Shiplify integration, RXO Connect offers a suite of features to simplify and enhance your freight shipping experience:


Access to Real-time Market Insights and Carrier Availability

With RXO Connect, you gain access to real-time market insights, allowing you to make informed decisions about your freight shipments:


  • Spot rates: Stay updated with the latest spot rates to leverage cost-effective shipping options.
  • Carrier availability: Gain visibility into carrier availability, ensuring you can select the most suitable and reliable carriers for your shipments.

Live Tracking and In-Depth Visibility for your Freight Shipping

On RXO Connect, you can easily track shipments every step of the way. With a single sign-on, you can see a full suite of tracking and shipment managements options. View information like weather, estimated arrival times and current shipment locations. When using the platform, you’ll never have to worry about the status of your freight.


Freight Shipping Assistance From a Dedicated Representative

A knowledgeable RXO representative will help you get the most out of RXO Connect and your freight shipping. Count on your representative to walk you through the features and answer any questions.

Optimize your freight shipping today

Don’t let surprise costs or inaccurate data hold you back from efficient freight shipping. Embrace the power of RXO Connect and Shiplify’s integration to optimize your shipping processes, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge. Experience the seamlessness of our platform, backed by cutting-edge analytics that identify the best carrier pricing, routing, and performance options for every load you ship.