Top Security Precautions to Prevent Theft

In the logistics industry, security is paramount. Both shippers and carriers must take proactive measures to protect cargo from external threats.

Security precautions to prevent theft

Open Communication and Immediate Alerts

  • Maintain constant communication with your broker or carrier representatives. Address issues and concerns promptly and keep them updated on any changes or delays.
  • If you suspect that your email or MC number has been stolen or hacked, notify your carrier rep immediately. Don’t respond to any suspicious or fraudulent emails or calls.

Unique Passwords and Individual Logins

  • Use unique and strong passwords across all platforms, including RXO Connect™, DAT, ITS (Truckstop), etc.
  • Each driver or dispatcher should have their own login credentials. Sharing email addresses and logins can compromise security; don’t do it.

Seal Integrity

  •  Once the shipper’s doors are closed, a seal must be placed on the trailer and noted on the bill of lading (BOL).
  • Inspect the seal at every stop to confirm it’s intact.
  • Contact your carrier representative immediately if a seal is breached or tampered with.

Secure Yards

  •  If you must park, opt for secure yards with features such as a security fence, keypad entry/automatic closure, lighting and 24/7 CCTV video coverage.
  •  If a secure yard isn’t available, park in a well-lit area, don’t park alone, back up to a solid structure and regularly inspect all locks/seals.

No Double Brokering

  • Double brokering is illegal.
  •  Carriers may face legal consequences if they participate in double-brokering.
  • Work with a broker with a rigorous carrier vetting process, which ensures they are working with reputable carriers and mitigates the chance to fall victim to scams.

Beware of Blind BOLs

  • Do not accept a blind BOL from another party acting as a broker representative.
  • A blind BOL is a document that conceals the identity of the shipper or consignee.
  • It may be used for fraudulent purposes.

Nonstandard Payment Methods

  • Be aware of nonstandard payment methods such as cash, Venmo, PayPal, etc.
  • Contact your carrier rep immediately if such payment is requested or offered.
  • Only use the authorized payment methods agreed upon in the contract.

Reputable Brokers:

  • Work with a reputable broker.
  • RXO is a public company with a rigorous carrier vetting process and sustainable business practices.
  • We value our relationships with our carriers and shippers and strive to provide the best service and support.

For questions or support, please contact our risk management team.