Advanced control tower solutions

Tap into unrivaled talent, technology and capacity for service-intensive network management.

Why select RXO logistics control tower solutions?


RXO leverages proven methods and transportation expertise to devise control tower solutions that reduce costs and improve performance. Our expansive control network supplies mission-critical oversight of carriers and vendors, as well as unparalleled insight into freight audits and payments, claims, charge-back notifications and other processes.

Optimal Supply Chain Performance

The RXO global control tower network is led by a robust team of experts in operations, analytics, procurement and customer service. We design optimal routes for each supply chain, determine the most efficient carriers and deliver value by driving superior performance. Through regular analysis of shipping patterns, pricing optimization and asset utilization, we stay proactive to keep you one step ahead.


RXO Connect Real-Time Functionality

At RXO, we understand that it can be intimidating to trust a third party to manage your transportation. That’s why we supply control tower technology that offers complete visibility into all transportation activities. From real-time order status to 24-hour dedicated account team access, the RXO Connect™ portal provides peace-of-mind and reassurance.

The RXO Connect platform integrates with customer systems, as well as with thousands of carriers. This industry-leading transportation management system (TMS) uses commercially developed components, integrated by RXO, to accommodate your business needs. Tap into a significant competitive advantage with worry-free set up and disaster recovery solutions.

Global Control Tower Capability

Few transportation management providers offer global control tower capabilities like RXO. Our control towers are staffed by transportation experts ready to assist clients. Experts apply Lean-based analysis to shipping patterns to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. As a proven capacity leader across international transportation modes, RXO can secure managed transportation account rates below market value. Powerful control tower capabilities are key to cost-effective global logistics network management.


Actionable Intelligence Reports

Access a control tower with business intelligence functionality. RXO has deployed a comprehensive suite of business management tools to collect and decipher ‘big data’ and transform it into actionable information for operational improvements. Comprehensive intelligence reports help RXO continuously deliver value through superior client performance.

Customers can access the RXO Connect portal for performance scoring and custom reporting against benchmarked key performance indicators (KPIs). We also provide web-based portals for shippers, carriers and vendors, with robust dashboard tools for real-time, customized reporting. Hundreds of actionable business insights are produced from the RXO TMS daily.

Need a control tower network?

Look no further than RXO’s control tower solutions for managed transportation. Speak with an agent to learn more.