RXO Connect™ Digital Freight Shipping Management System

Interactive digital freight marketplace with real-time quotes and visibility

RXO Connect helps over 10,000 freight shippers move goods efficiently through supply chains.


Our digital freight marketplace uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to become continually more efficient for your freight shipping needs.


Get up-to-the-minute tracking from pick up to delivery by managing your LTL shipments with easy, cloud-based access.


Use a single interface across modes for optimal freight shipping management.


Seamless integration provides insights you need to run your business and ship your freight efficiently.

Real-Time Freight Shipping Management

Get quotes in real time when you post freight loads on RXO Connect. You’ll have access to information about spot rates, carrier availability and other factors to make informed decisions. Freight shipping made simple.


Freight Shipping with Direct Access to RXO’s Expansive Network

Unlock a network of over 100,000 carriers by signing up for RXO Connect. Use our freight-booking platform to quickly receive quotes from reliable LTL and truckload carriers for your freight shipping needs.

Live Tracking and In-Depth Visibility for your Freight Shipping

On RXO Connect, you can easily track shipments every step of the way. With a single sign-on, you can see a full suite of tracking and shipment managements options. View information like weather, estimated arrival times and current shipment locations. When using the platform, you’ll never have to worry about the status of your freight.


Freight Shipping Assistance From a Dedicated Representative

A knowledgeable RXO representative will help you get the most out of RXO Connect and your freight shipping. Count on your representative to walk you through the features and answer any questions.

Optimize your freight shipping today

Our platform runs on cutting-edge analytics that zero in on the best carrier pricing, routing and performance options, load by load.