Turnkey Dedicated Transportation Solutions

Hit the road like you have a private fleet, without any of the risk.

Why choose RXO for dedicated transportation?


A dedicated fleet offers shippers all the benefits of a private fleet without the burdens, risks and liabilities of ownership. RXO works as an extension of your business—providing customized dedicated transportation solutions that improve efficiency and generate significant cost savings.

Customize your fleet.

Join the ranks of countless shippers that utilize the robust RXO network for tailored, turnkey dedicated transport.

Dedicated Trucking Services

Managing a private fleet in-house can be a tremendous strain on your time and resources. Free yourself up with RXO’s dedicated trucking services. We tailor our services to each customer account – supplying drivers, tractors, trailers, maintenance, management and fuel. No equipment lease is required.

RXO works as an extension of your team, representing your brand with pride on the road. We leverage our expansive transportation logistics network to identify opportunities to optimize routes and lower your costs. Even better, we provide detailed freight reports to help gauge the success of your dedicated program and strategize for the future.


Dedicated Contract Carriage

Here at RXO, we know how to optimize solutions to save you money. We design dedicated transportation programs that result in exceptional service, substantial cost savings and access to ample capacity through the dedicated contract carriers best suited to your freight needs.

We fuse proven best practices with a fundamental recognition that each client is different and that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to moving freight can lead to suboptimal results. Our solutions are turnkey but never pre-packaged. We ensure that each dedicated transportation service is designed to achieve optimal value in every area.

Commitment to Safety

RXO is the premier partner for dedicated transportation, with a track record of exceptional safety performance. Our clients rely on RXO drivers to come through, reducing costs associated with late delivery or other problems on the road. When it comes to dedicated transportation, RXO’s commitment to safety is second to none.

RXO’s multiple business units provide support to our dedicated team as needed — from moments of surge capacity and necessary equipment maintenance to assistance with safety, compliance, recruitment and retention. RXO provides everything – drivers, tractors, trailers, maintenance, management and fuel – all dedicated to your account and your success.


Advanced Transportation Logistics

Powered by advanced data analytics, we’re constantly striving to streamline your supply chains. As our partnerships mature, we actively pursue additional value creation for each dedicated transportation account. Peak efficiency is not a gamble; it’s a guarantee.

The RXO Solutions Engineering team combines proven expertise, leading modeling tools and lean-driven processes to identify areas for improvement and avenues for repeated cost savings. As a SmartWay transport partner, RXO can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. With RXO dedicated transportation, you can rest assured that your brand is well-represented on the road.

Ready to ship?

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