RXO Extra FAQs

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Answers to your RXO Extra questions.


RXO is here to answer your most frequently asked questions about our Extra program. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Login to RXO Connect to check your bonus status. In the right-hand corner of the RXO Connect dashboard, you’ll see your company name, carrier score and tier.

You can earn bonuses with each load you carry. If you want to gain more, it’s helpful to haul more loads. On-time pickup and delivery, low bounce rate, and auto tracking are also factors to consider for monthly loads.To discover more, login or sign up through RXO Connect.

Yes! First, login to RXO Connect and find your tier in the right-hand corner of the dashboard. Click ‘View Summary’ under ‘Total Bonus Credit Available’ to browse past transactions.

Bonuses can be redeemed through RXO Connect. When booking loads on RXO Connect, simply select the checkbox next to ‘Claim $50 From Bonus Balance’ to redeem your reward from a Status Bonus or Quarterly Bonus. Login to get started.

You may only redeem bonuses in $50 increments, one per load.

You’re eligible to receive both Status and Quarterly Bonuses by hauling for RXO. Status Bonuses are generated when you enter a new tier and book loads on RXO Connect. Quarterly Bonuses are awarded on the date you originally signed up for RXO Connect. Sign up or log in here.

Each month we analyze factors like on-time pick-up and delivery, low bounce rate and auto tracking to determine your tier. To learn more log in or sign up through your RXO Connect.

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