RXO Quick Pay for Carriers

What is the Carrier Quick Pay Program?

The RXO Quick Pay Program is a method to fast-track contract payments. Rather than wait 30 days for payment, carriers enrolled in the RXO Quick Pay Program can expedite payment and receive funds in as little as two days after receipt of load paperwork.

Simply enroll in the RXO Quick Pay Program by emailing [email protected].

Carriers Select a Preferred Quick Pay Option


RXO Quick Pay minimizes the gap between invoice delivery and payment receipt with three processing options. Enrolling in Quick Pay discounts the total price of a given contract by 1% to 3%, depending on the selected terms. RXO then submits an ACH transaction to the carrier’s bank within the specified timelines.

RXO Quick Pay enrollment options include:

  • 2-day payments at a 3% discount
  • 7-day payments at a 2% discount
  • 15-day payments at a 1% discount

All invoice processing and payment status queries are handled by a dedicated team. ACH electronic payments are sent in a secure manner.

How We Quick Pay Invoices for Trucking

RXO wanted carriers to thrive and that’s reflected in the RXO Extraprogram. Our Quick Pay Program is one of many financial incentives offered to individual drivers and small fleet carriers to help maintain positive cash flow. Here’s what to expect after you enroll in Quick Pay:


  • New terms are not retroactive.
  • Changes to your account may take up to 15 days to complete processing.
  • Quick Pay terms will be active from the date of Quick Pay activation onward, not including preceding loads or loads delivered while awaiting completion of the request.
  • Every load completed after Quick Pay activation will be posted for payment either 2-days, 7-days or 15-days after receipt of invoice, POD and accessorial receipts (if applicable), according to the option selected.
  • Loads delivered before or while awaiting completion of your Quick Pay/ACH setup request will pay out per the terms in place at the time of delivery (no Quick Pay fees will be applied to those loads).

RXO Quick Pay Sign Up

Ready to expedite payment? To sign up, email [email protected]

Need Additional Guidance?

Prefer to contact us by phone? Give our quick pay team a call at 855-976-5623 Ext. 5223136.

Note: Carrier will not automatically be enrolled in quick pay once the contact form is submitted. The RXO Quick Pay Team will reach out to you within 24 to 48 business hours to answer your Quick Pay questions.

Already a setup through RXO Quick Pay?


Once activated, quick pay carriers should only submit invoices and required paperwork to [email protected]. Alternatively, carriers can submit documentation through the Transflo Velocity mobile application. Watch this video tutorial to set up and use Transflo.