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How outsourcing operations helped a major appliance retailer scale and improve last mile delivery

This major retailer spent many years relying on in-house operations and numerous providers to make its last mile deliveries. But as concerns about compliance grew, it decided to outsource most of its business to a single provider that could help it mitigate this risk.

After partnering with RXO’s solutions team, our operators and engineers designed a last-mile network to support their needs. This resulted in: 

  • A solid, network-wide carrier management and compliance model.
  • Alignment of the retailer’s KPIs and how to drive improvement due to 10+ years of serving them in several markets.
  • Increased capacity, doubling the amount of markets supported in under two years; three of these start-ups involved taking over warehouses /cross-docks.
  • Multiple operations transferred/set-up, running quickly and effectively, all while maintaining high levels of customer delivery service and quality (including two-hour delivery windows).
  • Allowed the retailer to focus more on handling high – and occasionally volatile – delivery volumes while reducing its compliance exposure.
  • Flex delivery resources by as much as 30% to help accommodate the retailer’s many peak season surges.
  • Improvement of the retailer’s net promoter score by 13 percent in the eight markets taken over by RXO.

Want to learn more about how RXO’s Last Mile solutions can help your business? Contact a Solutions Specialist today to get started.

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