RXO Wins Merit Award in HR

Press Release | Charlotte, NC | June 5, 2024

The transportation organization won in the HR Technology Implementation category

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — June 5, 2024 — RXO (NYSE: RXO), a leading provider of asset-light transportation solutions, was honored by the Merit Awards today for HR Technology Implementation for the rollout of a new vendor management system. The award highlights the company’s commitment to excellence, process automation and risk mitigation.

“We are incredibly proud of the hard work the HR and technology teams have put into building and implementing a technology platform to create meaningful efficiencies for our leaders, which in turn, allows them to focus on servicing our customers”, said Heidi Ratti, chief human resources officer at RXO. “This award is a testament to the dedication we have in using cutting-edge technology to empower our employees, collaborate with our external partners and optimize solutions in HR.”

In 2023, RXO’s HR team focused on finding a solution for a big challenge: managing contingent labor. The manual processes and supplier performance gaps created obstacles for the overall talent acquisition strategy. After many months of rigorous development and testing, the team implemented the new vendor management strategy in 2024.

The results are noteworthy, providing improved visibility into the contingent workforce population and enabling better decision-making and resource allocation. Manual work and invoice processing are streamlined, reducing the administrative burden and providing cost efficiencies. Data accuracy, risk mitigation and supplier optimization are also a result of the new implementation.

The Merit Awards, created in 2022, recognize organizations in seven different categories, including HR. The awards are judged by journalists, executives, entrepreneurs, educators and the Merit Awards staff.

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RXO (NYSE: RXO) is a leading provider of asset-light transportation solutions. RXO offers tech-enabled truck brokerage services together with complementary solutions including managed transportation, freight forwarding and last mile delivery. The company combines massive capacity and cutting-edge technology to move freight efficiently through supply chains across North America. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. Visit  RXO.com  for more information and connect with RXO on  Facebook, X (FKA Twitter),  LinkedIn,  Instagram  and  YouTube.

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