Middle mile delivery capabilities

Discover how RXO solves for gaps in ‘middle mile delivery’ with partnered transportation solutions across North America.

What is Last Mile+?


With RXO Last Mile +, shippers can access a door-to-door solution encompassing both the middle and last mile. Shippers can unlock increased visibility into freight status with one point of contact and accountable support. RXO enables customers to deliver faster by connecting our middle mile delivery (formerly Last Mile+) with our Last Mile network. It’s a seamless solution with a single invoice and a single location to track orders.

What freight is middle mile transportation meant for?

Middle mile transportation accounts for any gaps in end-to-end delivery service, particularly for middle mile delivery and last mile transport. Geared for general global freight forwarding, RXO middle mile infrastructure for domestic loads has been specifically designed to transport:

  • Dropship from distribution, direct from vendor with install certification
  • Specialized less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments
  • Ecommerce delivery & reverse logistics
  • Consigned & palletized freight
  • Managed cross docking

Unrivaled middle mile delivery solutions.

What does middle mile infrastructure not accommodate?

Middle mile delivery services are meant to bridge the gap between shippers and partnered solutions amongst the RXO North American transportation network. However, not all global freight is best suited for middle mile infrastructure. Mid-mile services will not accommodate:

  • Set delivery time requirements (meeting technicians)
  • Freight under 75 lbs. (some exceptions)
  • Providing breakdown of equipment
  • Forward stocking and storage
  • Non-palletized freight

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Here at RXO, we understand that global freight forwarding — even to domestic destinations — can be both time-consuming and resource-depleting.