Locate opportunities that fit your schedule, location and capacity on the RXO Connect™ Load Board

Haul more, with fewer phone calls on the RXO Connect load board.


The RXO Connect™ Load Board gives you an entire toolbox to manage equipment capacity, bids, assignments and payments.

More loads when and where you want.

Book loads anywhere, anytime. Search and book preferred freight on the load board that works for you.

Top features to take advantage of while booking on the load board.

Dedicated Lanes

Secure preferred dedicated freight lanes from anywhere.

Round trips

Book two loads at once when available.

Post a truck

Post a truck and get notified when loads become available.

Manage bids

Place bids, negotiate rates and track counteroffers – no phone call required.

Digital freight hauling freedom on the RXO Connect Load Board

Expert support

Access support as often as you need it. Our carrier specialists are standing by 24/7 to help you with any challenges on the road.

Expansive network including Fortune 500 Shippers

Gain access to a wide range of available loads from Fortune 500 companies and other large shippers through our digital platform. Expand your opportunities and keep your fleet move with a diverse selection of freight options.

Fleet optimization potential

Automatically bid using our “Book Now” pricing option or submit your own bids. View and submit counteroffers right in the app. You have the freedom to secure profitable opportunities and optimize your revenue based on your unique goals.

Haul loads, get bonuses

The more RXO Connect and Drive loads you move, the more money you save and more bonuses you earn.

Haul more, with fewer phone calls

Craft a digital freight management strategy that works for your carrier business. Join the innovative load board today.