Last mile heavy goods delivery

When it’s time for heavy goods to reach their final destination, trust RXO for last mile transportation.

Why choose RXO for heavy goods delivery?


RXO is an industry-leading heavy goods delivery provider. We boast robust expertise across the entirety of the heavy goods sector, from bulky appliances and fitness equipment to mattresses, furniture and home electronics. We even offer assembly and complex installation services.

Last Mile Capabilities

National Assembly Services

We know some products can’t ship fully assembled, especially bulky freight. That’s where our team comes in to help. Use our expansive nationwide network to extend the offerings you provide to your customers, including robust assembly services.

Complex Install Support

No two installs are alike. We understand this and work with our network of contract motor carriers and equipment experts to provide you with specialists that can get the job done. From plumbing to electrical, we can find the right coverage to handle your product’s needs.

Choose RXO for last mile delivery of heavy goods

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