At RXO, our culture prioritizes a more sustainable future. Our pursuit of continuous improvement is embedded in our daily operations and is at the heart of what we do for our customers and our company. Our technology, including our RXO Connect™ platform and RXO Drive™ mobile app, efficiently matches the freight needs of shippers with available truckload capacity, reducing empty miles and enabling our customers and carriers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Rooted in innovation, our core business model is to create more efficient ways for shippers and carriers to move freight.

Sustainable Shipping

Ship Carbon Net-Zero

With this program, shippers can offset their freight’s carbon footprint by investing in the global sustainability project of their choice. Applicable projects include avoided deforestation, improved forest management, sustainable grassland management, reforestation and more. Using GLEC-certified logistics carbon calculations, RXO can provide the most accurate carbon footprint of freight loads.

Drop-Trailer Solutions

Drop trailers are trailers that carriers leave at a shipper’s location. Dropping off trailers allows carriers to handle other shipments rather than waiting for the loading/unloading process to be completed, reducing greenhouse gases by decreasing empty miles and the time a truck spends idling.

Piloting EV Operations

To reduce the climate impact of our operations, RXO invests in low- and zero-carbon vehicles. Our Last Mile business unit uses EV vans in select locations with plans to expand this fleet. Across business units, we have completed various class-8 EV test runs and have piloted an EV straight truck in our Dedicated fleet.


Energy Efficient Carrier Operations

Reducing Empty Miles

RXO is driving a standard of efficiency in the freight industry. Reducing empty miles is one of the most accessible approaches the logistics industry has for mitigating the environmental impact of truck deliveries.

RXO’s freight booking app, RXO Drive, makes it easier for truck drivers to handle more shipments in a single day. With the help of AI algorithms, carriers can create routes that allow them to consolidate shipments, reducing the number of miles driven to get freight and complete deliveries. Additionally, the app’s “Get Me Home” feature helps carriers find freight on their way home, which is an effective way to cut down on empty miles driven during return trips.

RXO Drive™ and the RXO  Connect™ platform also offer the “Reloads/Plan Next Move” and “Roundtrips” features to help carriers reduce empty miles.


RXO is a proud partner of SmartWay, an EPA program that helps decarbonize the freight transportation sector and improve supply chain efficiency. As a part of our dedication to SmartWay, we also encourage our partner carriers to participate in the program and align with our sustainable values. Through carrier marketing campaigns, we provide information about SmartWay’s benefits, registration instructions and assistance throughout the registration and reporting process.

Through RXO Extra™, our carrier rewards program, carriers can also get discounts on biodiesel fuels at truck stops across the United States.


Environmentally Focused Culture


We believe enacting change starts with education, and we maintain an environmentally conscious culture throughout our organization. At RXO, new employees participate in sustainability trainings and we lead environmental training sessions for stakeholders. By understanding the importance of climate change mitigation, our employees can continue to create sustainable solutions.

RXO regularly sends out campaigns to our valued partner carriers with applicable sustainability news and RXO ESG resources. Examples include how to make use of sustainability tools with their ELD (electronic logic device) providers and sharing time-sensitive and location-specific grants to applicable carriers.

Environmentally Focused Culture

RXO ESG Committee

RXO has an internal ESG committee that meets monthly to work towards sustainable solutions. With company-wide representation, we have collaborated on various projects, such as the creation of a potential renewable natural gas solution for lower emissions.


Customer ESG Reporting


We believe that data drives sustainable decisions. We provide customers with reports that show ESG metrics associated with their loads, such as carbon footprint and tier-two spend with diverse-owned suppliers.