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Choosing the Right Temperature-Controlled Trucking Provider for Summer Shipping

By:  Ryan Prouty, Director Operations

As we find ourselves at the heart of summer, temperatures are hitting their peak across North America. Meat, produce and beverages, among other items, have high demand as consumers grill out and enjoy the summertime. This presents unique challenges for shippers of temperature-sensitive goods, making the selection of a reliable and experienced temperature-controlled trucking provider crucial. Failure to choose the right partner can result in costly product spoilage, delayed deliveries and dissatisfied customers.   

Understanding Commodity Value and Risk

Temperature-controlled shipping is essential for a wide range of commodities, including perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and even electronics. These goods are highly valuable and susceptible to damage or spoilage if exposed to improper temperatures, even for a short period. A reputable temperature-controlled trucking provider understands the value and risk associated with each commodity, implementing stringent protocols to maintain the required temperature range throughout the entire shipping process.

Thorough Carrier Vetting 

Not all temperature-controlled trucking companies are created equal. It’s imperative to thoroughly vet potential carriers to ensure they have the necessary expertise, equipment and processes in place to safeguard your temperature-sensitive shipments. Look for providers with a proven track record, well-maintained refrigerated trailers, real-time temperature monitoring capabilities and contingency plans for unexpected delays or equipment failures.

On-Time Delivery to Prevent Spoilage 

Timely delivery is paramount. Even a slight delay can compromise the integrity of perishable goods, leading to spoilage and financial losses. A reliable temperature-controlled trucking provider should have a robust logistics network, optimized routing and a commitment to on-time performance with the capacity to handle unexpected disruptions, like bad weather or traffic, without compromising the cold chain. 

Real-Time Tracking and Visibility 

Transparency and visibility are essential when shipping temperature-sensitive goods. A top-tier temperature-controlled trucking provider should offer real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to stay informed about the location and condition of your shipment at all times.

Capacity and Expertise Throughout North America 

As the summer heat intensifies, it’s crucial to partner with a temperature-controlled provider that has the capacity and expertise to handle  your shipments. Look for a provider with an extensive network of refrigerated trailers, strategically located terminals and experienced staff trained in the proper handling of temperature-sensitive cargo.  Choosing the right temperature-controlled trucking provider is an investment in the integrity of your products, the satisfaction of your customers and the overall success of your business. 

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