Temperature-Controlled Shipping Solutions

Ensure your temperature-sensitive shipments arrive fresh and on time with RXO’s reliable temperature-controlled shipping solutions

Temperature-Controlled Shipping Services


Freight that requires temperature-controlled transport can present unique challenges. Consistent capacity and reliable expertise are critical components for success within your cold chain.


Fresh Produce and Frozen foods

Dairy and Meat products




Why RXO?

RXO provides a large-scale network of vetted carriers to solve your temperature control shipping needs. Whether you’re shipping fresh produce, flowers, pharmaceuticals, or any product that requires temperature monitoring, we have the expertise you need.

Massive Capacity

Access throughout North America with an extensive network of 100K carriers and 1.5 million trucks through our industry-leading RXO Connect™ platform.

Real Time Visibility

Auto-tracking capabilities that provide driver locations throughout the entirety of a shipment.

Specialized Solutions

Ability to scale with providers nationwide and specialized freight options to fulfill all of your needs.


Temp-controlled shipments annually


Annual spend in temp-controlled


of Fortune 500 customers served

Multimodal cold chain shipping solutions

Temperature-Controlled Truckload

With experience across all cold chain products, we have built an extensive network of 15,000+ reliable temperature controlled full truckload contract carriers. Our team of experts are staffed for 24-hour availability have got you covered for any shipping need within the dynamic market.


Multimodal cold chain shipping solutions

Temperature-Controlled LTL

Smaller shipments require rigorous attention to detail. The RXO Temp control LTL team powered by our Refrigerated LTL carrier network work to ensure your products arrive safe and on time.

All powered by RXO Connect™

Get industry-leading insights into capacity, load status and market conditions with our best-in-class digital freight marketplace:

  • Real-time tracking from pickup to delivery
  • Extensive API connections with carrier partners to provide extensive coverage
  • Weather and traffic notifications to manage risk
  • Instant access to invoices and paperwork
  • Self-service analytics and key insights

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