RXO Partners with Shiplify to Improve Invoice Transparency for LTL Customers

Press Release | Charlotte, NC | July 9, 2024

  • Shiplify integrates with RXO Connect™ to provide proactive location data to LTL shippers

Atlanta, GA- July 9, 2024- Shiplify, the primary accessorial revenue identifier for carriers, shippers and third party logistics (3PL) providers, today announced a strategic partnership with RXO, a leading provider of asset-light transportation solutions. The integration of Shiplify’s data with RXO’s proprietary RXO Connect™ platform provides RXO’s less-than-truckload (LTL) customers with accessorial visibility ahead of delivery, improving transparency during the billing process.

By leveraging Shiplify’s AI data capture, honed by processing millions of shipments from leading LTL carriers, RXO customers can obtain accurate location data, ensuring efficient planning and execution for address-specified locations. Shiplify integrates seamlessly with RXO Connect, RXO’s proprietary platform for shippers and carriers to book, track and manage shipments.

“Shiplify not only helps with revenue retention by identifying key accessorial captures but also provides RXO customers with more visible, clear and actionable data,” said North Winship, President of Shiplify. “This level of transparency ensures a better overall experience, fostering trust and satisfaction between RXO and their customers while enhancing operational efficiency.”

Shiplify’s location knowledge-base helps provide precise attributes for various freight delivery scenarios. For limited access locations, the platform helps avoid unexpected challenges and fees by determining additional equipment and required services necessary for successful deliveries. Residential locations benefit from accurate address recognition, ensuring seamless deliveries to homes, and RXO can ensure the driver arrives with necessary equipment to complete the delivery seamlessly. Dock access identification optimizes shipping processes by identifying locations with or without docks, streamlining deliveries and reducing handling time.

Additionally, Shiplify enhances delivery insights by determining if a location has forklift accessibility, ensuring smooth unloading and efficient operations. For complex delivery scenarios, it identifies multi-tenant locations, facilitating proper coordination with multiple occupants.

“RXO is committed to providing our customers with a superior experience when shipping LTL freight,” said Lou Amo, president of RXO’s truck brokerage business. “Our partnership with Shiplify enables RXO customers to have  clean and advanced delivery data, which reduces surprises during the billing process.”

RXO has been at the forefront of using AI and machine learning for more than a decade, building proprietary algorithms for pricing, customer service and real-time data analysis. By integrating Shiplify’s sophisticated AI-driven data capture, RXO further refines the precision and responsiveness of its customer’s logistics operations.

The integration also includes a robust feedback loop mechanism. If incorrect data is provided, users can log the issue with Shiplify and necessary changes are made within 24 hours to ensure accuracy for repeat shipments.

For more information about the revenue enhancements Shiplify can bring to your company through accessorial capture, or to schedule a demo, please visit shiplify.com. To learn about RXO’s LTL capabilities, please visit rxo.com.

About Shiplify

Shiplify provides accurate, real-time access to location data, aiding in the identification of LTL accessorials such as residential, limited access and lift-gate requirements. By aligning carriers, shippers and 3PLs, Shiplify increases transparency and eliminates the headaches associated with these fees. Our various API endpoints cater to different technology needs and use cases, ensuring seamless data integration. Connect to Shiplify and streamline your shipping operations today.

About RXO

RXO (NYSE: RXO) is a leading provider of asset-light transportation solutions. RXO offers tech-enabled truck brokerage services together with complementary solutions including managed transportation, freight forwarding and last mile delivery. The company combines massive capacity and cutting-edge technology to move freight efficiently through supply chains across North America. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. Visit  RXO.com  for more information and connect with RXO on  Facebook, X,  LinkedIn,  Instagram  and  YouTube.

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