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Move Loads, Earn RXO Rewards

RXO Carrier Rewards save you money on fuel, maintenance, tires, tech and more. You’ll also receive bonuses and special offers. Sign up for RXO Connect and earn discounts and bonuses immediately. Maintain a minimum carrier score by moving RXO Connect loads each month. You’ll even receive extra perks as you progress along the reward tiers.

Carrier Rewards Program Tiers

The more RXO Connect loads you move, the more money you save and more rewards you earn. Check out the benefits for each rewards tier.


  • Average Monthly Loads: No
  • Minimum Carrier Score: No


  • Status Bonus: $50
  • Quarterly Rewards Tier Bonus: No
  • Extra Fuel Savings: No
  • Maintenance Savings: No
  • Tire Savings: No


  • Average Monthly Loads: 2
  • Minimum Carrier Score: 70


  • Status Bonus: $50
  • Quarterly Rewards Tier Bonus: $50
  • Extra Fuel Savings: 1¢/gallon
  • Maintenance Savings: Yes
  • Tire Savings: Yes


  • Average Monthly Loads: 4
  • Minimum Carrier Score: 80


  • Status Bonus: $150
  • Quarterly Rewards Tier Bonus: $100
  • Extra Fuel Savings: 2¢/gallon
  • Maintenance Savings: Yes
  • Tire Savings: Yes


  • Average Monthly Loads: 8
  • Minimum Carrier Score: 90


  • Status Bonus: $250
  • Quarterly Rewards Tier Bonus: $150
  • Extra Fuel Savings: 4¢/gallon
  • Maintenance Savings: Yes
  • Tire Savings: Yes

RXO Carrier Rewards Perks

RXO Fuel Card

All carriers are eligible to apply for the RXO Fuel Card Program, which saves drivers an average of 40¢ per gallon at participating stations. Accepted at more than 9,000 select stations nationwide, carriers have the ability to save over $1,000 per month per card. RXO Fuel Card Program members can also save an extra 1¢ – 4¢/gallon in addition to the standard Fuel Card savings.

Triumph Factoring

RXO and Triumph have a preferred partnership for entrepreneurial drivers. Get paid faster through flexible terms with no hidden fees, no minimums and no reserves. New factoring carriers will be offered lower rates on RXO loads.

NAWP Insurance

RXO has partnered with the National Association of Workplace Programs (NAWP) to offer medical and voluntary benefits for RXO Connect carriers and their families. NAWP provides exclusive membership perks built around the busy lifestyle and subsequent challenges of freight carriers, and offers carriers competitive pricing upon sign-up.

Maintenance/Tire Savings

RXO has partnered with TA Truck Service and Love’s Truck Care and Speedco to offer a premier truck maintenance program. Loyal carriers receive exclusive discounts on leading tire brands, maintenance and labor, plus roadside assistance. The RXO truck maintenance program is available for Silver, Gold, Platinum and RXO Fuel Card Carriers.

Rand McNally

Move your fleet with great discounts on Rand McNally’s maps, navigation, road travel and trip planning products. With RXO Carrier Rewards, receive 15% off at checkout with promo code RXOLOG.

Blue Tiger

Exclusive discounts at Blue Tiger for America’s Truckers. The top-rated headsets provide the right mix of comfort and features for on-the-road safety and off-the-road relaxation.

Quick Pay

Carriers can accelerate the timeline for invoice payment with RXO Quick Pay. Improve cash flow with convenient payment options; 2-days, 7-days or 15-days.

Carrier Grants

Carriers seeking to join the sustainability movement and save money can checkout this page for a list of grants and incentives by region.. From electrification to alternative fuel tax credits and green trucking accessories there is something for all.


RXO carriers are awarded quarterly and anniversary incentive bonuses. Bonus amounts range from $50 to $150, depending on the respective Rewards Program tier. A maximum of one $50 credit can be redeemed per load. Have the capacity to take on more RXO Connect Loads? Drive up your rewards, literally.

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