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Why the 3rd Generation Diesel TriPac APU?

RXO has partnered with Thermo King to provide best in class APUs to drivers. With enhancements in addition to legendary comfort and performance, the 3rd generation diesel TriPac APU solidifies its position as an industry-leading diesel APU. Featuring available TracKing® telematics and a focus on emission reduction technology, it is Thermo King’s smartest APU yet.

Drivers don’t ask for any APU, they ask for a TriPac APU.

A TriPac APU consumes approximately 75% less fuel per hour than idling the tractor engine. That’s about 2,500 gallons per year or 10,000 gallons over the typical length of tractor ownership.

Optimize APU performance and eliminate energy waste with available TracKing® telematics. Plus, the no-fuss aftertreatment device (ATD) model is a 50-state compliant solution to meet CARB regulations. That means fewer logistical hoops to jump through since it
is available in every state.

Retain more of your fleet’s resale value by offloading valuable engine hours to a TriPac APU. Plus, tractor buyers prize TriPac APUs. Whether selling on your own, at auction, or to a dealer, a TriPac APU potentially helps you sell for more and sell faster.

Achieve greater uptime and lower maintenance costs by preserving engine run time for the road. A TriPac APU eliminates unnecessary engine idling, saving engine wear and reducing maintenance frequency.

Attract drivers by delivering the comfort they want with the APU they ask for by name. TriPac APUs’ exceptional performance and brand name equity makes for happier drivers.

Reduce your fleet’s climate impact


Installing TriPac APUs on your fleet is a quick and effective way to significantly reduce carbon emissions.


  • By eliminating rest stop idling, the TriPac APU reduces emissions proportionately to its approximate 75% lower fuel consumption rate. Add ThermoLite® solar panels to reduce fossil fuel emissions even more. Calculating and sharing your climate contributions with your customers, drivers, and various communities is simple with available TracKing telematics.

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