RXO Ground Expedite Capabilities

RXO provides expedited trucking solutions utilizing our diverse fleet of over 400 assets and our massive capacity network

Market demands shift quickly. Learn how to stay ahead.

At a time when market demand has become unpredictable — and the global supply chain continues to fluctuate — stay ahead of inevitable variations with RXO ground expedite. Our expansive network of vetted carriers enables RXO to remain nimble throughout seasonal peaks, so shippers no longer need to rely on a single owned fleet or just one owner/operator for expedite trucking solutions.

When time matters, our RXO team will deliver the solution you need

Our highly trained experts will gather information for your shipment, schedule the proper equipment and provide updates throughout transit. With access to trucks and facilities across North America, you won’t find a better partner to assist you in providing critical solutions.

RXO Ground Transportation

Raw materials and goods rely on ground transportation to circulate through the supply chain, and shippers rely on RXO ground transportation to get there. Discover what sets RXO apart from other ground expedite companies and expedite logistic providers from across the nation.


RXO understands that expedited ground freight is mission-critical. Our ground expedite services empower shippers to be proactive, not reactive, with loads.


We know you’re operating on limited time. Simply send us your freight weight, dimensions and any special handling requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.


With 350 trucks under our authority and thousands more in our ground transportation network, RXO remains prepared to service any freight at any time.

Ground Trucking Solutions

Cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks, tractor-trailers, reefers and flatbeds- Tell us your freight dimensions, weight, and special handling requirements, and we’ll send the right truck that best fits your needs.

Whether you have a small package of machine parts or a full trailer-load of retail product, our team of experts will assist.  Access to our massive capacity network enables us to quickly locate the proper vehicle to accommodate your shipment, with capabilities for long-haul, regional and local transports in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Our cutting-edge technology provides status updates along the way.

Select Services

RXO Select Services takes Ground Expedite to the next level. With decades of experience, we understand that sometimes extra care is required when moving certain types of products.  Whether you require temperature-validated trailers, high-value product delivery, or other premium services, such as hazmat transport or special-handling, RXO has the proper resources to protect your goods. Our team of experts will request details at the time of scheduling and execute to your level of expectation.

Crossdock, Warehousing and Regional Transport Services

RXO Expedite has capabilities to support your local and regional warehousing, distribution and transport needs with our strategically placed facilities and fleets. With locations in Michigan, Kentucky and Texas we can support operations in the Midwest, Southeast, Southwest and all points in between. Whether you need crossdock, transloading or warehousing solutions, our facilities are equipped to support many types of products. When it comes time to deliver, our fleet can handle the transport as well.

Owner-Operator Contracting

RXO contracts with the some of the best drivers in North America to provide massive capacity to our customers. If you own a truck, and want direct access to RXO freight, we have great load opportunities and high-earning potential. With options in long-haul, regional, local and technology-based dispatch styles, we have something for everyone. Talk with one of our RXO team members today to get started or apply online.

Looking for ground expedited service for oversized loads?

No load is too big and no timeline is too short for RXO ground expedite logistics. Unlike other ground expedite companies, RXO provides optimal equipment for heavy haul and oversized freight transportation, even on short notice. Whether you require climate-controlled trailers for FTL loads or simple flatbed expedite for LTL loads, you can be confident that RXO has you covered.

Ready for expedite trucking? Contact RXO to inquire about our ground expedite and ground logistics capabilities.